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Website digital address to successful business

your own website

Are you Entreprenuer?
Are you freelancer?
then this article is just written for you!!!!

why you need website?

let me ask you what is home or office address signify?
It is your identity
Home is your personal identity.
office is your official identity.
Website is your digital identity.

your own website
website-your digital address

Truth behind social media followers:

you may ask, I have thousand of followers in social media
why do i need website?
social media is like rented home
you dont have guarantee it will be free for ever,
they will alow you for ever,
and it will exist for ever.


what happened to ORKUT?

once ORKUT is a famous digital media ,with lot of followers,

It is more like pride having ORKUT and virtual friend connection,
what happened now?
Nobody knows it
even i searched in google whether i spelled it right
Website is like your own home
Though there are so many important things to consider whille creating website
make sure you read full article ,i wil take you through important things to decide on.

Do you think all your social media followers are your customers?
big no right,
they are not your customers ,
but 99.9%people visit your website are your real customers !!!
Do give a quick glance on our article about marketing

Dont we need social media platform ?
it is like path to your digital address,
or gateway to reach your digital home

Creating website

while creating website ,go for paid version,
free version are like your company partners ,with majority of control with them,
they may ask you to leave or modify anything without asking you
create website with ,
if you really want your website be the strong pillar of business empire
soon i will create another article on creating a wonderful website just by you.

If you dont have time
no worries
we are here to build your website just a way u think of!!!
your digital adress to your empire is ready!!!
your just one step away
contact us on


This might be the most common words you come across
if your just planning to create a website
what is Domain?
I will try to explain in common term
It is like a your name in address book /phone contacts
your phone number may change ,
your name not going to change right,
Be very sure while selecting domain name

Things to consider while selecting domain name

Make sure it should be 10 characters with 2 words
It is very simple without any funny twist
In general it should pass voice test

The people should write your website name without spelling it out
one words are also goog
it is good your domain name signify what your doing like
but there are exception like
no meaning still a big hit!!!
There are exception sites like
flipkart ,where we spell differently
once you register your domain name
it is like booking name in a hotel
you need room to stay and do your works right
there comes hosting


There are many service providers for hosting
even you can get from where you got your DOMAIN NAME registered
I personally use HOSTINGER
some other known hosting providers are
blue host
looking forward to see your website too
share with us in comment box
meet you again in next article ,
On how to bring your website to life !!!

For more details on website building ,Do visit

September 13, 2020

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