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promoting business in facebook
promoting your brand for free

If your planning to promote your business or brand ,
This article is just for you!!!!
I am going to take you through few simple but effective ways to promote business!!!!
Make sure you read the full article

How important is promoting

Need of promotion

Before getting into our core subject ,i like to share
what marketing is? and how important it is,
Marketing is like accelerator to your vehicle ,it provide necessary accelaration your product deserves
once your product gained trust ,
It is upto you to decide ,whether you still need to market,
product is your real hero,
A bad product is like giving your best car to worst driver
For more details on marketing ,you can refer the article


Social media is one of the most powerful media to advertise your product.
why facebook
Facebook is used by billions of people around the world ,
A survey shows average user spends whooping 8.5 hours in a week
why dont we use such amazing platform to build business that too for free!!!

Promoting business for free through facebook

First step is to create your business fb account
click on create page ,and start building your business fb page ,
I have seen many people started using personal page to promote,
But it is more like setting up any middle room in your home as store,
Though it is better way to put banner infront of house ,
Not your store ,that too in random room in your house ,
Once you created your page
Dont forgot add contact details and call to action
Make small videos
Post regularly
Add in pictures

glimpse of my business fb page

Add in to groups similar to your product
Add yourself into group similar to your product ,mine is organic food related niche”
So i may add myself into such group,
people are in such group ,because they have interest towards particular product,
An average group has more than 1000 customers ,there is high potential that you get new customers,
Make sure you maintain 80:20 ratio
80 percent you add value to groyp,20 percent they dont mind promoting your brand,
But be cautions many group ban members ,if they advertise their product.

Increasing brand awareness
you can conduct free webinars focussing on solving customers problem ,rather than saying how good your product is
you can run contest
A very simple contest like ,
Posting picture with your product ,
Offer discounts,
But be ethical to time frame

sale, discount, promotion
How many of your eyes caught attention!!!!!

How many of your eyes caught attention of this picture!!!
Use this in your business page too.

Use your own contact
If your are selling something ,and if u dont say to anybody,
How people knows ,your selling particular product,
Add to your work experience,
Create a post in pesonal page related to your product,
so people know about it,
As the trust factor is bit more in your own contacts ,ther is high chance you get good number of customers.

Ask your loyal customers to write review about your product,
Even if it is two lines
It is going to make much difference ,
It increase TRUST,
TRUST is something that cannot be bought
It should be earned

review, opinion, feedback

Ask your friends and customers to promote
Word of mouth creates big wonders!!!!
It may seems easy to say but difficult to ask to stranger,
Once you overcome fear of rejection ,
There is high probablity they may say yes!!

Hope this article ,gives some ideas to promote your business for free,

If your looking for ideas to promote your business through LinkedIn have a look on this article
Do let me know in comments ,how useful it is
Do contact us ,for your digital marketing needs
we are good listeners
ready to hear
Thank you for reading till this
And my advance congrats in building your business empire ,
Do invite me !!!

your business empire

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September 29, 2020

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