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How to sell anything to anyone with magic of story

Do you want to

Sell your product?

Sell your service?

Sell yourself as personal brand ?

What not you can sell anything to anyone with the power of story

A most powerful tool which is underrated and neglected

Why story powerful element ?

Human knowledge is mostly based on stories and the human brain consists of cognitive machinery necessary to understand, remember and tell stories.

When I was doing my Diwali purchase (not now year back, full credits to corona) last year

I was planning to buy gifts to all my family members perhaps keeping budget in mind

I finally decided to buy sarees

I came to a shop where they sell all type of sarees of all range

Then the lady shop owner came towards me for help as I was a bit poor in identifying type of sarees,

There was a hand loom sarees associated with particular area, then she started saying that she was in weaving and how challenging weaving was, so still she makes sure her store contain a section of hand loom sarees though she was not into to it to support fellow weavers, then I ended up buying those beautiful hand loom sarees despite they were more costly than my budget

Why I did that?

How that happened?

There comes magic element -her story part

I started feeling that I am somehow associated with story and I felt I am gifting more than a saree, a saree with value attached to it, and I had a lovely story to narrate when I am gifting it to my family members

I am not very sure, I will be taking the same hand loom saree, if I didn’t hear the story from here, that was the power of story

Story creates connection, and I was able to recall even after years both story and saree, that was the magic twist

But make sure you create the story, that should be too good, even your customers like to share

Story not only applies there everywhere

Digital Deepak aka Deepak kanakaraju one of the renowned Digital marketer /mentor

My digital marketing mentor too, when I look into his about me page

Great success as personal brand with magic of clear story telling

There is a clear story who is he, what he did, what he is doing, and what he wants to do

He is known as Digital Deepak rather than his own name

We are paired to the art of story telling from the day we born by hearing stories from your mom, and gradually stories from our friends in school and college and still in the form of your colleague stories, movies and much more

So use that power to sell anything to anyone including you as personal brand!!!!

How to sell anything to anyone with art of story ?

Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, psychology in order to truly move an audience, this applies to creating story for your brand also

Every story is Unique ,No two brands have same story so no one can copy your story

Why don’t we use such great power of story to your brand

Here are some of the effective ways to create a story for your brand

Never say as Story

when you say as story
This is how people thinks when you say as story

Unless your audience are below 5 years don’t say It as story

People tend to think as created one rather than as original story

Instead of saying it as story, say it as

This one think changed the way I think

After this my life has changed for ever

Try to create a hook like this above

So that people will be more interested to hear, instead of saying like I will tell my brand story

Say Who you are

Make sure your story starts with who you are rather than giving more importance on what you do

It kind of creates connectivity with your audience

They may even relate and started thinking

I was also in the same state, I may turn like you

It is when people start connecting with you as Person behind the brand, remember people like to speak with people not with brand

Bring the HERO in

Make sure you bring the Hero element in the story

Dont be shy

Your the real hero in your story

Everyone of us have faced obstacles and crossed it, you are the Hero who made all this, still sailing through it, your the real Hero of your company

So make sure, you add your hero element in the story

Make sure you include all your team members in your story along with your customers

Dont polish

Make sure you keep your story as real as possible

Being an Entrepreneur we tend to polish our story like

Our path is filled with bed of roses

Dont do that

Do not polish

Your obstacles are the one which is going to connect with your audience

And going to make your story more real

Super man can exist in comics not in real world, so try to highlight the superhuman who faced all the obstacles

Try to put all your obstacles you faced, this emotion inspire many even makes them as life long audience with a lot of Trust

So try to keep it as raw as possible

Why you started

It is one of another element, which should be included in your story

Noone likes to hear self stories

They will start to listen only when they get something out of that in many cases

Highlight the cause, which leads to your brand

Make sure that cause includes pain point of your customer, so that they will start connect with you by that pain point

Keep it clear, make sure you maintain the same everywhere when you are saying your story

So that they can clearly understand, how they can benefit from it

It is the one thing which is going to differentiate from your competitors

End with positive note

Always end your story with how you overcome your pain point of your customer and achieved success through your brand

If possible add in your customer reviews too and it kind of creates trust and stand as proof of your Brand

People don’t believe anything without proof.

Keep saying your Story

What will be one thing which is going to connect you with your customer SEO, A/B testing, FB adds, Googlee adds and much more

Definetely NOT

Your story is the only thing going to connect you with your customer

Every brand, person has story, only selecting GOOD story matters

So bring GOOD ONE, even your customers love to say

Remember your story has the effect to make or break a brand

It is never a late to create a story for your brand

Carry your story wherever you go it may be an online/offline event your adds and your website, your social media handle etc

Do you still remeber the saree story I told you ,even till here ,that was the power of story telling

Still finding difficult to create a story we are here to work with you in crafting your beautiful story

contact us @

Do share your story, we like to hear from you!!!

November 10, 2020

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