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How to build successful Business Empire with Marketing?

Are you Entrepreneur?
Planning to start Business?
Are you a digital marketer?

Guess what ???
you reached right place!!

I am going to take you through concepts of Marketing,personal branding and digital marketing and few other interesting topics that helps to build your own empire
your going to stand out of the crowd!!!

Setting up your financial goal

what is your financial goal say in next one year?
Will you be surprised if I say earning a crore ,even more than that is simple!!!
Do you think I am crazy saying like this

keep reading
I will let you know the secret !!!

India is a country of billion people
Do you think finding one Lakh people is difficult?sell product as 100 rs
you earned one crore rupee!!!!

Just change your approach selling thousand rupee product to ten thousand customers
selling one lakh rupee product to hundred customers also you can earn one crore.

Do you think now it is possible?

Big yes right!!!

Just right approach matters with right marketing
Money just stand before you
just waiting for you to grab

I am going to unlock you few important secrets just in a simple way.
Ready to kick start!!!

Marketing is not creativity it is science
Do you know you are the best marketer!!
wondering how??
Even as a child you are the best marketer convinced your parents to get what you want !!!
Do you think marketing starts after product is decided
create product for your customer demand so marketing starts even before product is decided And needed while selling the product and even after selling the product.
Do you think whether you can sell infant food products to all moms ??
Definitely no right.
Marketing is nothing but
Delivering right message to right people at right time
Marketing is very much needed but product is the real hero.
what is your favourite car ?
Marketing is like ignition key and accelerator of your car, your product is your driving skill,
your product is going to determine the smooth running of business .
If your product quality is bad
It is like giving best car to worst driver it will eventually put you in danger.

Marketing is a continuous process and needed even after sales as customer support and stand in your customer shoes as you are facing a problem while using your product

why do you need all this?

To build TRUST it is one of your strong pillar of your Empire , when trust is created


you are halfway through in building your Empire Building trust is not that easy,

Trust cannot be bought ,it should be earned

So when trust develop , your customers starts marketing for you, instead of you marketing.

Another important thing is creating a strong brand
Try to be only one in your business and not number one .

It does not mean you should not enter in competitive field,If you enter into more competitive field your unique approach matters, more the competition more the demand.

How to select Niche

Consider if you are are Potter
you have excellent talent do you think that makes you winner
you need passion it only make you to keep going and you need to know the market demand so instead of selling traditional utensils you need to start making unconventional at the same time interesting designs which will cater niche audience.That will make your brand standout of the crowd

Even if you enter field with more competition, your unique selling point matters

We run a start up selling native organic products,though there are many,we differ by selling native organic certified products from our farming community that is our USP

If your niche is real-estate read this article to get more ideas

communication is like a tool which shapes your thoughts
you don’t need to be proficient in a language After all language is created just to share our thoughts
communication is another important pillar in building strong Empire
write like as if you are talking
interact with your customer as much as possible through social media ,email marketing
More you communicate with your audience you will know your audience better
Communication is a magic tool which shapes your thought.
Write a lot,writing gives clarity on what your trying to communicate .

My take on Economy
If you are Entrepreneur ,economy helps you to take decision more better
what you spend is what other persons earn

consider if you are running a cloud kitchen and you get vegetables from vendor here vendor earns the money you spend and you prepare dishes and you sell, you earn money from other person spending. And transaction happens, people ,business ,governments,banks everyone does transaction.

As you start expanding your business Empire, you need money ,so you may borrow money from bank so credit changes to debit and as you spend the money ,cash flow is created .

so debit creates cash flow hence the banks alter interest rate to ensure that there is a debit always which in turn increases the money flow and which increases spending and cycle continues. This cycle runs our economic machine in short.


It is better to set up business in developing countries like India where average age is high but not very high
Age determine spending,wherein India average age is around 30, where people spends more hence debt is created,debt creates cash is always better to set up company where cash flow is more,so that business devlops by people spending.

Digital versus traditional marketing

Marketing is oldest skill human posses which started even before money is made, just by exchanging the things to get the thing that we want

Traditional marketing

only medium differs, in traditional marketing uses traditional medium like magazine and newspaper. Your product decides the medium , if your product is generic and you need to target millions of people tv, radio and newspaper are the best medium

But it is more like a One Way Street ,where you cannot communicate with your customers ,and you cannot measure your reach,and you cannot do deep marketing as it is Difficult to find your target audience easily.

Digital marketing

If your marketing for affiliate English speaking population with more spending power approximately 100 million people, Digital marketing suits best , it best suits for budding company where they can target audience measure results with limited budget or even with zero budget by social media marketing,where you will get chance to interact with your customers and get honest review so that you can even design product more effectively…

If you reading till this, congrats!!! Your half way in building your business empire

Ultimate goal of every business is money,i am going to disclose you a secret formula to gain wealth so

Stay tuned!!!

CATT marketing funnel frame

Wealth :nCATT where n is your niche which is foundation stone going to determine your sucess and wealth

If you try to

then your NOBODY TO NO ONE.

once you decide on your niche try to become expert on particular niche

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best cricketer in the world because of his batting skills,though he knows all other key elements of cricket,his key skill on batting made him world famous,same applies to niche too

Once niche is decided,you should create value added content in blogs,webinars ,paid ads, social media marketing to gain Attention

Attention build trust, increase trust by sending more personalised communication by email marketing,thus trust leads to Transaction by natural sales,though we may need catalyst like sales webinars,exclusive offers etc, once when all other elements sits probably,then money startes pouring is the power law to get your wealth.

Integrated Digital marketing

Though we have many tools for digital marketing,dont expect returns from each separately,make sure every components works together like machine and gives you powerful output

Always try to advertise your free qualitycontent,

So that people get information about your products or services, these make people to read your blog and become subscribers, send emails when you write new article or new products, so when people visits, it will signal search engine it has particular information, hence people can easily find you in search engine with basic SEO

Social media marketing

When your product or content is good people start sharing and give honest feedback


Ads are like booster packs which maximize your return.

Real hero is your content, and quality content is foundation stone of integrated digital marketing

Though CATT funnel is linear,but it works in integrated way.

personal Branding

If your best,who knows your best when you keep with yourself

people starts looking for you only when your visible,this can be effectively done by personal branding

People hear from people not from brand Have a clear story to project you and provide value so thta people recognize you,though you cannot expect direct investment for your personal brand,it is going to be your secret ingredient for sucess of all your business,you become your brand ambassador of products

How cool it is!!!!!

When you start getting instant customers even before products is launched, it all happen only by strong personal brand, To become strong personal brand you need to go through this evolution

you need to learn new skill and facts, and try practising, after practicing try to implement in real world, record your result as a blog

People believe on real result rather than mere words, so people comes for consultation, do one to one consultation, you get even better clarity

And start to mentor group,mentoring group requires lot of efforts,as we need to create a world class content,this will raise your understanding to infinite level

Then start your own start up, write this on your blog, as learning is never ending process, same with this cycle too.

Hope you enjoyed reading and discovered the secrets of marketing to build your strong business empire, we can meet again on another interesting topic.As you, I am equally enjoyed sharing , time fly’s away, it is high time to submit my assignment in digital deepak internship program, it has been huge learning curve for me and shared with you also.

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January 13, 2020

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